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Fresh Baked Treats

Your pups will love our assortment of dog biscuits and cookies fresh from our oven. You can’t get this in a box at the store. Watch your pet’s nose twitch at the amazing smells. Taste test us against the current family favorite, and Fido will make his choice for the world to see. We have a baker in our on-site kitchen! When you come in, you may wonder if those wonderful aromas of the treats being baked are for you or your pet. And truthfully, there is nothing in our kitchen that you couldn’t eat.

Grain Free Options

Prepare to be amazed at the wide range of grain free treats we offer at Dog Days Barkery. Our on-site baked bulk bones are even wheat, corn, and soy free (some even with icing). We offer a wide variety of the best commercially branded foods we could find with ingredients like salmon, duck,  kangaroo, sweet potato, and lamb. We have almost every variety of treat you can imagine. We promote canned foods as well in incredible flavors from the top vendors.

Cool Treats

Our freezer is stocked with delicious Icy Pup cups. Treat your friend to one of these, and the next time you come in, your friend will lead you back to the freezer and wait expectantly for his reward. We also carry Primal raw and frozen pet foods and goat milk, Answers frozen stock, fresh bones, and Rad Cat premium cat food. Our freezer is truly stocked with amazing foods that can only be kept fresh by freezing, since they lack preservatives.

Pet Friendly Products

Biodegradable bags, yard treatments, dry sponges, grooming wipes, bath and cleaning products and more to keep your home environment safe for your pets and “company clean” all the time. We have scoured the earth to find the best products so we can offer them to you. We only provide items that we have vetted, and would or do use in our own homes, with our own pets. We carry toys of every imaginable type, supplements for every need or problem, cleaning agents for any type of skin care, even wound care.


We have training aids and toys, chews, delicious treats, collars, and leashes. Our interactive feeders will slow down feeding time for your pets, and make a game of eating. This is another great stimulation product to keep your dog’s mind busy. Our Molly Mutt duvets are amazing for separation anxiety. Simply stuff with your old clothes, and your baby will smell a comforting presence, calming him until you can get back to him. Machine washable and durable, it should last a long time.


Why Dog Days Barkery


Fun Staff

We are a pet-owning and pet-loving family. If it involves animals, we are going to have fun. We love seeing everyone’s pets come and visit.


Bring Your Pet To Taste Test

You know how fun it is to hit the little tasting booths at the grocery, right? Bring Fido, and share the fun with him. We have treats just for him.


Fun Events

Why should humans have all the fun? Our events are geared for Fido, too! What a great way to get him out of the house and stimulate him.


Knowledge and Know How

We pride ourselves on our knowledge base, and if we don’t know it, we will find out! We also offer great resources if you need in-depth help with an issue or problem.


Fresh Treats Baked On Site

Our kitchen is bustling, and our chef is turning out amazing treats just for your pets. Maybe it would be wise to bring your pet and let him decide what he wants.


We Love Your Pets

Yes, we do. We are building a growing business based on your pets. We want to be the first place you think of when you need something for your furry family.

Where Nutrition Meets...Squirrel...I mean Fun


More Than Just Treats


Recent Events

Tail-Gate Party

Dog Days Barkery kicked off football season with our Tail-Gate party in August! We served hot dogs and nachos with all the fixings to raise money for our rescue group. We had a sidewalk sale with lots of great deals and offered a winning backdrop for our photo booth! Canines and humans alike had a great time getting into the school spirit and getting excited about football season!

Splash Into Summer Party

We greeted summer with a splash in June at our Splash Into Summer Party! Pups cooled off in the splash pools and went bobbing for tennis balls to win great prizes! We had a beach-themed photo booth for dogs to strike their best poses in and a rescue group was here with lots of adorable dogs ready to find their forever home!


Our Staff

Carra Smith

If Carra has a spirit animal it is Corgi. She is the resident Dog Whisperer.

Tom & Cathy

You may not see Tom & Cathy at the store every day, but they are constantly doing work behind the scenes to make sure that our customers are getting the best service and products that we can offer.

Lindsey(and Anabelle)

Lindsey is our head baker and is responsible for all the delicious treats we make! She loves pampering her dog, Anabelle, and helping customers find the perfect products for their pets

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